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Womens Heels – Ebay Store

Get ready for christmas with our current selection of mid to high heels.

Heel Height: 10.5cm / Size 7

Heel Height: 9 cm / Size 4     (Also in size 7)

Heel Height: 6cm / Size 5

Heel Height: 11cm / Size 6  (Also in sizes 7 & 5)

Heel Height: 7cm / Size 4

Heel Height:  Medium / Size 5

Heel Height: High / Size 4

Heel Height: Low-Med / Size 7

Heel Height: Low / Size 4


Heel Height: Low / Size 4


To view any of these pairs of shoes you can click on the image of them. Alternatively, the link below will take you to the womens’ footwear section of the ebay store.


Ebay: Work & Hiking Shoes, plus much, much more!

Did you know that on the Winfields Ebay site we have masses of shoes, all for your bidding pleasure!


We have loads of work shoes & boots such as Caterpillar, Doc Martens, Capps, Impact & Totectors. With steel toe cap or without, vibram & gore tex technology, lightweight, heavyweight, you’ll be sure to find the perfect pair of work boots and/or shoes.









We also have alot of hiking shoes by AKU which we think are great, they are such high quality and are built with you in mind, to keep you protected and supported whilst hiking, walking, mountaineering and other outdoor activities They are available in Mens, Wonems & Childrens sizes. They also look great too…which can only be a bonus!




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