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Kids Bicycles: Christmas at Winfields


Gelert Numberjacks 12” Girls Bike and 12” Boys Bike


Perfect for younger children the Numberjacks range of childrens bicycles are bright and fun.

Both feature stabilizers, and the girls bike has a basket on the front.

Dimensions: 36 x 18 x 72 (cm)



Gelert Kidcool Sammy 14” Boys Bike & Gelert Kidcool Bella 14” Girls Bike

FREE Helmet worth £12.99 when you purchase either of these bikes

Complete with stabiliser set & full assembly instructions.




Pcm Serena (girls) & Wolf (boys) Mountain Bikes



Frame:   Girls   Dual   Suspension   Frame      
Forks:   Zoom   327   Suspension      
Gears:   Shimano   18sp   Index      
Changers:   Revo   Shift      
Brakes:   “V”   Type   with   Alloy   Levers      
Handlebar   &   Stem:   —      
Seat   &   Post:   Q/R   Seat   Post      
Wheels:   Alloy   Rims



Frame:   Dual   Suspension   MTB   Style   Frame   with   Oversized   Tubing      
Forks:   Zoom   327   EN-M   Suspension      
Gears:   Shimano   18sp   Index      
Changers:   Shimano   Revo   Shift      
Brakes:   Alloy   “V”   Type   with   Alloy   Levers      
Handlebar   &   Stem:   Black   MTB   Style   Vars   with   Two   Bolt   A-Head   Stem      
Seat   &   Post:   C/P   Seat   Post   with   Alloy   Q/R   and   Soft   Seat      
Wheels:   Alloy   Rims




To view any of these products you can click on the images. Alternatively you can use the links provided below to be taken to the Childrens cycle store at Winfields Megastore.





The Cyclists’ Invaluable First Aid Kit




 Canyon Cycling First Aid Kit from WINFIELDS.

After a decade of stagnation in the number of bicycle journeys, new figures show there has been a dramatic leap in commuters and leisure cyclists focused on Britain’s cities and the burgeoning network of cycle routes. In London, trips by bike have increased by 50 per cent in five years to 450,000 per day while figures obtained by The Independent show use of the National Cycle Network, covering 10,000 miles of urban and rural pathways, rose last year by 15 per cent to 232 million journeys.

So with even more bikes now on the road, thats even more reason to be prepared incase anything should happen, from minor injuries to serious ones, whether your a professional cyclist, hobbyist, saving money, loosing weight or enjoying a day out alone or with the kids, this piece of kit from Winfields is a MUST HAVE.

Special Features:-

* 30 pieces including a weather resistant zip-up pouch with adjustable frame fitting Velcro straps
* Set includes scissors, plastic tweezers, emergency thermal blanket, 5cm safety pin & 12 plasters
* Also includes 2 non-adherent pads, gauze sponge, 5yds adhesive tape, gauze bandage, 2 alcohol pads
* Also 2 povidone-iodine pads, 2 cleansing towels and a CPR Face Shield
* Comes complete with a First Aid instruction booklet.

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