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Kids Bicycles: Christmas at Winfields


Gelert Numberjacks 12” Girls Bike and 12” Boys Bike


Perfect for younger children the Numberjacks range of childrens bicycles are bright and fun.

Both feature stabilizers, and the girls bike has a basket on the front.

Dimensions: 36 x 18 x 72 (cm)



Gelert Kidcool Sammy 14” Boys Bike & Gelert Kidcool Bella 14” Girls Bike

FREE Helmet worth £12.99 when you purchase either of these bikes

Complete with stabiliser set & full assembly instructions.




Pcm Serena (girls) & Wolf (boys) Mountain Bikes



Frame:   Girls   Dual   Suspension   Frame      
Forks:   Zoom   327   Suspension      
Gears:   Shimano   18sp   Index      
Changers:   Revo   Shift      
Brakes:   “V”   Type   with   Alloy   Levers      
Handlebar   &   Stem:   —      
Seat   &   Post:   Q/R   Seat   Post      
Wheels:   Alloy   Rims



Frame:   Dual   Suspension   MTB   Style   Frame   with   Oversized   Tubing      
Forks:   Zoom   327   EN-M   Suspension      
Gears:   Shimano   18sp   Index      
Changers:   Shimano   Revo   Shift      
Brakes:   Alloy   “V”   Type   with   Alloy   Levers      
Handlebar   &   Stem:   Black   MTB   Style   Vars   with   Two   Bolt   A-Head   Stem      
Seat   &   Post:   C/P   Seat   Post   with   Alloy   Q/R   and   Soft   Seat      
Wheels:   Alloy   Rims




To view any of these products you can click on the images. Alternatively you can use the links provided below to be taken to the Childrens cycle store at Winfields Megastore.





Girls Serena Mountain Bike

Pcm Serena Girls Mountain Bike.

Starting your dreaded Christmas shopping early this year and don’t know what to get?

Winfields have a good selection of childrens bicycles and all the accessories.

This girls mountain bike is a perfect gift, why? Because its Pink of course!


Frame: Girls Dual Suspension Frame

Forks: Zoom 327 Suspension

Gears: Shimano 18sp Index

Changers: Revo Shift

Brakes: ”V” Type with Alloy Levers

Seat & Post: Q/R Seat Post

Wheels: Alloy Rims


If you want to view this product on the Winfields website you can click on the image above. Alternatively you can use the link provided below.

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