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Outwell 24 Litre Cool Box




Outwell Cool Box 24 Litre

Within the range you will find a 12V and a 12V/230V cool box that will easily work in your car or out on the campsite. The boxes are designed to keep the contents approx 20°C below the outside temperature this cooler box is indispensable for picnics or camping trips.

General features:

* Cool and warm setting
* Cool 18-25°C below outside temperature
* Warm 50-60°C

RRP £64.99



All Your Camping Essentials!


At Winfields we have pretty much everything you’ll need to have for a safe, reliable, stress free, relaxing and most importantly, enjoyable camping trip!

1. Firstly, Pegs: 

Gelert 9 inch Secure Steel PegsGelert 7 Inch Skewer PegsGelert 9 inch Roundwire PegsGelert 7 inch Rippled Pegs

Secure Steel Pegs; 9 inch, £1.50, 4 per pack / Skewer Pegs; 7 inch, £1.25, 10 per pack / Roundwire Pegs; 7 inch, £1.25, 10 per pack or 9 inch, £1.75, 10 per pack / Rippled Angle Pegs; 7 inch, £1.75, 10 per pack / Steel Rock Pegs; 7 inch, £1.50, 4 per pack or 9 inch, £1.99, 4 per pack


2. And not forgetting…the peg extractor:

Which is now only 99p!



3. Have you got…a rubber mallet?


1.   2.  
1= Steel Shaft, only £1.75                             
2= Wooden Shaft, with an extractor on the end, only £2.25


4. What about Rope?

50/15mm x 5mm, £1.99         
50/15mm x 9mm, £3.99
£2.99 – £3.99. In two different lengths.

5. You never know when you may need to repair your tent…

Repairs all nylon fabrics, is easy to use, and come is a pack of 4 colours, £1.50
Contains the steam sealer and nylon material, £3.50
You can go directly to the ‘tent accessories’ page of Winfields here:  Where there are also tent poles and groundsheets.

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