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Gelert Tent Accessory Kit

Gelert Tent Accessory Kit from Winfields

The perfect, compact little kit for your camping trips. It includes a plastic mallet, peg extractor, three sets of spare guylines (8m), ten lots of guy runners, six flat pegs, six roundwire pegs and six peg elastics.




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Gelert Camping Larder/Cupboard


Gelert Camping Larder/Cupboard {Small}

Aluminium Three Shelf Storage Cupboard.

This three shelf storage unit from Winfields folds completely flat in the car and easily assembles to provide lots of useful storage space on your camping trips.

It can be used inside the tent to store clothes, food, the kids toys, first aid kits; well, lets just say that basically, you can use it for pretty much anything, anywhere in or around the tent to de-clutter and keep things organized and off the floor.

Two of the shelves can be completely enclosed using a three-sided D zip for additional security and to keep unwanted bugs out (particularly if there’s food in there). Highly practical, versatile, lightweight and compact when stored.

Main Features:

>Lightweight aluminium construction
>Easily assembled
>Useful anywhere in or around the tent
>Keeps vaulables out of site and perishable items off the ground and away from bugs
>Folds flat for easy storage

Colour: Navy on aluminium frame
Size: 58 x 47 x 70 cm
Packed Size: 58 x 47 x 10 cm
Weight: 5 kg

An absolute steal at:



Winfields also have the larger version of this piece of equipment and it is shown below:

Size: W 59cm x D 48cm x H 140cm

It has 5 shelves, enclosed in a cupboard.




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