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Gelert Tent Accessory Kit

Gelert Tent Accessory Kit from Winfields

The perfect, compact little kit for your camping trips. It includes a plastic mallet, peg extractor, three sets of spare guylines (8m), ten lots of guy runners, six flat pegs, six roundwire pegs and six peg elastics.




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Gelert Tent Light

5 Led Tent Light with Remote Control, by Gelert

Perfect for lighting up your tent at night, saves fiddling about with torches and is small enough so as to not get in the way!

* Remote control operation with key ring
* Magnetic hanging bracket
* 360 degree illumination
* Low glare light

Battery Included: Yes

Battery Type: 4 x AAA (light) 2 x AAA (remote control)

Bulb Type: 5 x 5mm Ultra bright White LED

Burn Time: 36 hours (approx.)


You can click on the image to be taken to it on the Winfields website, or you can use the link below:

All Your Camping Essentials!


At Winfields we have pretty much everything you’ll need to have for a safe, reliable, stress free, relaxing and most importantly, enjoyable camping trip!

1. Firstly, Pegs: 

Gelert 9 inch Secure Steel PegsGelert 7 Inch Skewer PegsGelert 9 inch Roundwire PegsGelert 7 inch Rippled Pegs

Secure Steel Pegs; 9 inch, £1.50, 4 per pack / Skewer Pegs; 7 inch, £1.25, 10 per pack / Roundwire Pegs; 7 inch, £1.25, 10 per pack or 9 inch, £1.75, 10 per pack / Rippled Angle Pegs; 7 inch, £1.75, 10 per pack / Steel Rock Pegs; 7 inch, £1.50, 4 per pack or 9 inch, £1.99, 4 per pack


2. And not forgetting…the peg extractor:

Which is now only 99p!



3. Have you got…a rubber mallet?


1.   2.  
1= Steel Shaft, only £1.75                             
2= Wooden Shaft, with an extractor on the end, only £2.25


4. What about Rope?

50/15mm x 5mm, £1.99         
50/15mm x 9mm, £3.99
£2.99 – £3.99. In two different lengths.

5. You never know when you may need to repair your tent…

Repairs all nylon fabrics, is easy to use, and come is a pack of 4 colours, £1.50
Contains the steam sealer and nylon material, £3.50
You can go directly to the ‘tent accessories’ page of Winfields here:  Where there are also tent poles and groundsheets.

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