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Valentine’s Day Special

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day, but unfortunately so is the cold winter frost. At Winfields we have an excellent range of stylish winter wear for the perfect gift on February 14th.

Keep both your relationship and your partner’s temperatures high with one of these fantastic gift ideas:

Cupid believes these wellies are such an ideal gift he’s endorsed them himself! The Ladies Cupid Love Heart Wellingtons are at an unbelievably low price of just £16.99. A girl likes to look good whatever she’s doing so these are perfect if you’re planning a romantic camping trip or festival weekend with your partner this year.

If your man loves the outdoors, the Regatta Oxwood Neoprane Lined Wellington Boots are the perfect gift. These wellies will keep his feet warm and dry whatever the conditions. They are amazing value at £19.99, which is less than half their recommend retail price. They are great for the man that loves to walk as they are specially designed for hiking.

She’ll adore the Trespass Lulu Ladies Waterproof Softshell Jacket, and with over £30 off the recommend retail price you’ll both be getting a fantastic deal. As stylish as it is practical, it is both wind and waterproof and combines two layers of superior insulation to keep your loved one cosy and warm.

Why not get your fella a present that they can wear all year round? This great-looking Gelert Saltwind Mens Windblocker Jacket suits any man, including yours. At just £34.99 he’ll love this jacket as much as you love the low price.

If you’re a couple that loves to do more than just cuddle up in front of the fire when it snows then why not get you and your partner these matching sledges? The Delta Sledges (blue / red) are a perfect fun present for couples that love to have a laugh together. Once the snow melts you both won’t be able to wait until next winter to get them out again.

Looking for a great gift for under a tenner? Look no further than this stylish Arctic Fox Random Yarn Bobble Hat. With ear flaps that are lined with sherpa fleece, you can keep your girl ultra warm without breaking the bank.

Protect your fella’s noggin from all weather conditions this winter with the Gelert Marsden Tracker Hat. Amazing value at just £6.99, it will protect his head from the rain, sleet and snow. The stylish Russian-like design will mean he won’t need to pretend the cold doesn’t bother him anymore.

To purchase any of these or the view many more of our fantastic products, visit our store at Blackburn Road, Haslingden or visit


Adventure Scott Hits Mount Kosciuszko

Winfields Megastore would like to thank Adventure Scot for this article.

May 23rd 2010

So it’s been one week since I completed the coldest and monstrous cluster of rock that is Mount Kosciuszko! In

Australia, still shaking and feeling the bitterness stings of the cold I endured so high up into the heavens and yet, I find myself facing a bigger conquest, the feelings that swell in your stomach and try to claw its way out of your mouth can only be one thing…nausea.

Why you ask? Because just two weeks from now I’ll be tackling the

Appalachian Trial (yes not much of a rest period) an expanding wilderness and beautiful stretch of landscape of 2,178 miles (ouch), I’m sure it will be a breathless sight, quite literally as how Kosciuszko was all that way up.

The key I find to these endeavours is preparation; no matter what challenges you behold, being prepared keeps you calm, relaxed and ready.

For me as well as your food provisions and other pieces of equipment, I find what you wear helps provide a greater chance of success, I opted for the best protective clothing around, before scaling Kosciuszko I carried along with me some Ski Wear just in case I found a place or two to have some fun, I had the full range from Craghoppers Jackets to Regatta Fleeces as well as Helly Hansen Base Layer clothing, great value for money and excellent protection from the elements.

Had found the Tresspass Yeti snow Boots very flexible and easy to walk in the Snow, was wearing my Dare 2b Gloves which had great thermal properties and my cosy Berghaus hat.

I find mixing brands gives you the best of what they have to offer whether it is Regatta Clothing or Trespass Clothes etc, and for the all important cool look I went with Eyelevel Sunglasses.

I made sure I equipped myself with thermal socks, Balaclava and goggles, yes I looked like the abdominal snowman but I was so well protected and warm I didn’t have to worry about the cold or wind and could enjoy the sites Kosciuszko opens to you, you sometimes see the trees covered in a sleek blanket of snow that makes the landscape quiet and beautiful, well compared, you could drop to your knees and awe in its spectacular spectacle it provides.

It’s just like knowing and planning your route, knowing and planning what Ski Wear or Hiking Clothing to take on these trips is vital, once you complete one of these challenges you find yourself addicted and want to do more but above all else it’s the exciting prospect of danger that adds to the experience.

To say I climbed 2,228 meters into the sky makes me swell with pride and feeling like superman but without the cape I would mention some of the dangers I faced and doubts that wrapped my mind but it would only put you off and everyone approaches things differently, for you to experience it take it on yourself!


May 30th 2010

One week to go! Before the Appalachian Trial presents itself, now I’ve been going over everything I can think of insuring I’m prepared and well equipped to tackle this stretch of wilderness hoping to get glimpses of the wildlife that’s inhabit its surroundings, foods prepared and travel… all that’s needed now is clothing, I’ve mentioned before I like mixing my brands, now it’s important to consider the weather or situations you might not expect so I always bring and extensive range of clothing; comfy and thick Craghoppers jackets and trousers to Regatta Body warmers bearing in mind that on long hikes it could get extremely warm so improvising is what works for me.

It’s always important to look after your feet since you’ll be using them constantly and for long period of hours, Especially with me since my feet blister badly and have me fumbling clumsily everywhere, I always use thick socks and it’s a good idea to wear you Hiking boots down a few week before you start walking, i.e. walk around in them at home so your boots shape to your feet.

I get alot from Regatta because they have a great range of thick and Thermal socks to choose from as well as hiking boots, it’s always important to bring waterproof clothing as nature can’t be trusted or predicted and often tends to shower you when things get hard and you curse it quietly.

Preparing yourself mentally and physically will also help you overcome any obstacles that present itself, put some bricks or heavy items into your backpack and keep it on at home for an hour or so getting you used to the weight before you embark (don’t worry you won’t look weird).

Gelert Backpacks and Vango Backpacks I find are perfectly adequate for the job, durable and strong with many pouches for accessories and food, perfect for those long hikes.

Always remember to do anything to keep your morale high, whether it’s a warm fire or nice memory, some food or just simply telling yourself you won’t fail and that nothing beats you.

These small pieces of advice won’t help the veterans amongst us climbers, but for those starting new they can help.

So time to get my clothing arranged and sorted, I’m rested and ready for another outdoor adventure.

Adventure Scott
All Equipment and Clothing were supplied by Winfields Megastore


Winfields Brand New Stores!

New Stores!


Winfields are happy to announce three brand new stores opening. We now have one in Leeds, Redditch and Derbyshire. Details are as follows:

Feckenham Store

5 Astwood Road, Feckenham, Redditch, Worcestershire. B96 6HQ

Tel: 01527 892935


Measham Store

Burton Road, Oakthorpe, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, DE12 7QX

Tel: 01530 270555



Garforth Store

Selby Road, Garforth, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS25 2AQ

Tel: 01132 867976


For more information on opening times or anything else, the contact and store locator page for Winfields can be found here:

New Look WinfieldsMegastore Website

New Look Launch October 2008

New Look Launch October 2008

The brand spanking new look WinfieldsMegastore website will go live during the 30th September – 1st October 2008. The existing site will be brought down in the early hours between 29th September.

The new look website has a mass of new features all of which are designed to make shopping for camping and outdoors an easy experience. The new design is bright and very easy to navigate.

In addition to Worldpay for credit card paymets, the new look site also has the ability to accept payments via Paypal. We will also be adding Google Checkout in the next couple of weeks.

Make sure you take a look at the new site, if there are no technical hitches, the site should be up and running during the day on Tuesday 30th September GMT.

Satellite Sites


The first in a series of Winfields ‘satellite’ websites in now online in a basic form. The idea is to develop websites offering very specific Winfields Megastore product information, the idea being that everything you should ever need to know about a product or range of products you can read up on the new sites and then purchase if required.

Huge amount of work left to do as of this moment, but is now online… yes, I know and feel free to laugh at the website name 🙂

The current range includes (please note that product details are sparse at the moment) Wynnster, Regatta, Dickies, Helly Hansen, Portwest and many more.

Winfields on

Winfields have an Ebay site now so for those who like to bid on Ebay there is a daily offering of footwear available on the Winfields Ebay Store.

Ranging from brand new, worn once and flawed. It may be that the flaws are very, very minor, or could be more noticable but pictures are always shown and a description of each flaw is there so you know. Make sure you read the description fully!

Big name brands such as Caterpillar, Rockports, Puma, Kickers, Reply for a fraction of the price! What could be better?

For those who would like to take a look click here

Happy bidding!!

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