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Seal Skinz Gloves

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Seal Skinz Gloves, from WINFIELDS


If your looking for strong, durable and comfortable gloves for ANY occasion, then Seal Skinz have the solution by using their patented technology.

A bit about the Seal Skinz technology: Elemental protective outerwear needs to be both waterproof AND breathable. A totally waterpoof but non-breathable garment would be very uncomfortable to wear, as perspiration (as water vapour) would have no means of escaping, thus condensing on the inside of the garment, leaving the wearer ‘wet from within’ and feeling cold.

Conversely a very breathable but non-waterproof garment would be so open, allowing air, and perspiration (as water vapour) to pass freely through, that it would offer little protection from the elements (e.g. canvas tents let water through if you lean against them!)

Every single SealSkinz® product is tested before it leaves the factory. The sock or glove is mounted onto a machine which subjects it to water pressure. If any product leaks, the item is rejected and diced. Every SealSkinz® product is therefore guaranteed to be 100% waterproof.

The waterproof film can withstand 10psi of hydrostatic head pressure, the equivalent of a column of water 700cm high standing on the fabric surface. This is 7 times the level required to meet European Standards for waterproof clothing.

1. Seal Skinz Ultra Grip Waterproof Gloves

Using Merino wool, which is excellent for wicking & thermal performance & with grip dots on the palms, the ultra grip is our most popular glove.

     Special Features:-

    – 100% waterproof, breathable & windproof
    – Close fitting & dexterous
    – Grip dots for gripping power in the wet

2. Seal Skinz Waterproof Winter Gloves

Designed for colder conditions, this glove uses highly breathable Porelle membrane to ensure maximum comfort, minimum internal moisture build up & thermal insulation.

     Special Features:-

     – 100% waterproof & breathable
     – Windproof
     – Super soft lining
     – Gripping palm
     – Cuff fastener for extra warmth

3. Seal Skinz Windproof Stretch Gloves

Using the latest windproof fabric technology, the Windproof glove offers superb fit, dexterity & padding.

     Special Features:-

     – Windproof
     – Highly breathable
     – Pressure point padding
     – Stretch outer fabric

Ideal for cycling, equestrian, outdoor, running, fishing, hunting, shooting, military search & rescue, water sports, sailing..These really are worth every penny.


Get them from Winfields now for only £24.99 [Ultra Grip Waterproof & Winter] and £14.99 [Windproof]           













The ‘Puddle Suit’ by Regatta

The Regatta Puddle Suit II from WINFIELDS

Are your kids {and their clothes for that matter!} always getting dirty outdoors? Are you tired of your washing machine being in constant use? Well, Winfields have the perfect solution. Now you can protect your kids and their clothes with this puddle suit by Regatta. 

Perfect for Winter, the rain, the mud, the cold and any other way your children manage to get filthy!

Special Features:

* Waterproof Hydrafort polyamide fabric
* Taped seams
* Integral hood
* Reflective trim

Sizing guide:-

AGE / SIZE    6-12m    12-18m    18-24m    2-3y    3-4y    4-5y
HEIGHT IN CM    68-80    80-86    86-92    92-98    98-104    104-116

At only £9.99 get to WINFIELDS and grab yourself a bargain, you wont find it cheaper anywhere else online!

You can go straight to this product here:

Kayaking anyone?

Coleman 2 Person Deluxe Inflatable Kayak from Winfields

The Coleman 2 person deluxe open top kayak provides recreational fun by the side of a lake, river or beach. Designed for two adults it features 2 plastic handles for easy transportation, a comfortable inflatable back rest for added support and has included 2 aluminimum paddles.


* Capacity: 195kg, 2 adults
* Outer dimensions 335cm long x 76cm wide
* PVC thickness: 0.65mm
* Dual tracking fins
* Dual cup holders
* Two recessed storage compartments with cargo net
* Durable PVC compound
* 8 Chambers
* Plastic handle on front & back
* 2 Aluminimum handles included
* Repair kit included
* Valves: Boston valve on chambers 7 & 8 Coleman Durable Lock valve on chambers 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
* Actual weight 10.6kg

To go straight to the product, you can go here:



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